Jobs for Felons: Why your job search is not working

Jobs for Felons

You are applying for every job you are qualified for. You have even gone in person to places you may have openings. You think you have done everything possible to find a job but still no job.

You have heard of other felons who have gone from jail to a job but still you have had no success.

You may have long term plans to get more skills to get better jobs down the line but you need a job right now. We have some suggestions that can help you have more success in your job search.

Check Job Boards

Job boards are great to find open jobs in your area. Employers who have real jobs to fill right away use the boards to quickly find qualified applicants. You can search for specific jobs you want. Some boards are set up to send new open jobs to your email when they become available. You can find a really good job board here: Jobs in your area

Use Your Network

It may be time to reach out to people you know. This is called “Networking.” Many job seekers know that this the best way to find job opening. Some people find it difficult to ask other people for help but this a proven method to find open jobs. Employers are busy people and rather than search through application after application, they are likely to hire someone who have been referred to them. Talk to friends, former schoolmates, probation/parole officers and relatives to see if they know of any open jobs.

Find a Coach

You have been trying and trying to find a job but still no luck. It may be time to get some real help. Help with getting a good resume. Help with some interviewing skills and other resources.

You can get real help with all of these things at your local One-stop Career Center. You will find help with all of these things and other resources that can give a real boost to your job search. You may also find computers and telephones to use, and full time employment counselors that could give you guidance with your job search. All of these services are absolutely free.

You can find you local One-stop Center here:

Hopefully these few tips will give a charge to your efforts that will lead to a job real soon

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